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Donate for our New Campus03rd Sep, 2015

Started in 2008, we have Alhamdulillah progressed very well. With almost 300 students getting the light of knowledge, we have achieved a lot of appreciation from everyone who has visited. May Allah accept this effort from all those who have made this possible.However there is a potential and need to expand further. Every year only 10-15% of the applicants can get admission due to limited resources. We would like to improve this percentage and for that we need you help.Support us in getting a new campus to meet its growing needs. Based on facts and surveys, we have planned to acquire a sizeable piece of land as the first step. For that we have set a target of generating PKR 40 Million or (4 Crore). Be a part of this Sadaqa-e-Jaria!Details you may contact:

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Dated: 23rd Mar 2023 Allah bless everyone #RamadanMubarak

Dated: 26th Feb 2023 of school trip to Golra Railway #Museum and Shah Allah Ditta Caves have been uploaded

Dated: 19th Feb 2023

Videos of Annual Day 2018 have been restored and uploaded on YouTube

Dated: 24th Jan 2023

Videos of Feedback & Comments have been uploaded on #YouTube and the links on the website are also fixed.

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