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Daura-e-Quran During Ramadan 201421st Jul, 2014

During the month of Ramadan, it was planned that mothers of Islah School students be given an opportunity to listen to the Word of Allah.Many of them never had a chance in their lives to listen and understand it. Alhamdulillah 40-50 mothers attended and were really inspired!

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Dated: 23rd Mar 2023 Allah bless everyone #RamadanMubarak

Dated: 26th Feb 2023 of school trip to Golra Railway #Museum and Shah Allah Ditta Caves have been uploaded

Dated: 19th Feb 2023

Videos of Annual Day 2018 have been restored and uploaded on YouTube

Dated: 24th Jan 2023

Videos of Feedback & Comments have been uploaded on #YouTube and the links on the website are also fixed.

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